Tuesday, August 21, 2012

'Wildflowers of British Columbia"

Over the past few days,  while on hikes and trails,  colorful wild flowers were seen in great abundance. Given their beauty, I couldn't resist a few photos and have included photos of Fox Glove (above), Wild Sweet Pea, St. Johns Wart, and a Butter Cup (my naming).

While Wild Sweet Pea and Butter Cup are only beautiful and decorative in their own appearance, both Fox Glove and St. John's Wart (below) have drug derivative uses. Fox Glove is used in the production of digoxin which helps to slow down the beating of the heart and strengthening the pumping action. St. John Warts, on the other hand is used to alleviate mood disorders such as major depression.

As you can see from my  photo above, here in Canada one needs to be on the look out for Wi Fi!!!

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