Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Wednesday morning Walk"

What a beautiful day! When I awoke this morning, I was just amazed at the crisp, yet comfortable morning temperature here in the greater Seattle area. Slept so well and now am rested and totally energized. Had forgotten from graduate student days how air conditioning is not needed here, except on the rarest of occasions, even with global warming.

On days, like this, one needs to be out and about  to enjoy the beauty of these environs. So with my Sudoku puzzle book tucked away in  my pocket and my camera around my neck, I was off on a stroll to a nearby neighborhood park that is on the Puget Sound water front, called Harbour View Park.

On the way, there was a myriad of  shrubs and plants, and especially  flowers to enjoying Without drawing too much attention, I took photos of a few and they are here on my blog to share.

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