Saturday, August 25, 2012

Songs by Raffi

Raffi Cavoukian   

Millions know Raffi for his work as a children’s entertainer whose string of gold and platinum-selling recordings in North America includes his classic “Baby Beluga” song with its beloved melody and lyrics. But a very interesting piece of Raffi’s story is not as well known: Raffi’s pioneering commitment to honouring children and setting up the Centre for Child Honoring based on nine important principles, Respectful Love, Diversity, Caring Community, Emotional Intelligence, Nonviolence, Safe Environments, Sustainability, and Ethical Commerce. For more information on the foundation, please visit 

By clicking the links below, you will here some of Raffi's beautiful children's music. The first is Baby Beluga, the second about a watermelon down by the sea, BananaPhone, and the fourth, a rendition of "This little Light of mine, I'm going to let it Shine."

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