Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Paine Future of Flight Aviation Center"

Yesterday, I  had the marvelous experience of touring the  Future of Flight Aviation Center at Paine Field just north of the greater Seattle Area. Paine Field which is also called the Snohomish County Airport is the home of the Boeing Commercial jet assembly plant. It is also the  largest building under one roof in the United States, so large, that in the past the building experienced its own weather storms,. This has since been rectified by  the installation of a special air circulation system. Can you believe a rainstorm within a building and blue skies outside? All true!

The Boeing tour ninety minute tour was one of a kind opportunity to view the 747,767,777 and the new 787 Dreamliner Jets being assembled at this plant before being taken to the air.

While no photos were allowed on the tour, Bruce took the initiative to find several special advantage points to take photos. While on this quest, he explained that there are many people in the Seattle area that have caught "Boeingitis" and he is now "one of them. While being with Bruce has always been an adventure, and I'm sure likewise, I was amazed how quickly he took a ladder from his van, climbed the ladder and then reached over and through barbwire fencing  to get that one special "photo" of a test landing and braking of a Boeing 777 or 787.

 We sure had a fun day, and I met many others with "Boeingitis" affliction. Actually, all good people!

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