Friday, January 14, 2011

"Tucsonians Coming Together"

Memorials have sprung up throughout Tucson in wake of the deadly shooting this past Saturday. One such memorial is on the front lawn of the University Medical Center, which I visited yesterday. This is the hospital where most of the victims were taken, and where congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords continues her personal fight to recover. While there, I saw so many tributes, many were presented in a myriad of ways, from notes to letters, to balloons, to pictures, to prayer vases to teddy bears,.... The outpouring of emotion and grief and sadness was so real, and so apparent on the faces of the throngs of people visiting, both young and old. What I saw was a sense of community among Tucsonians as they extended kindnesses to one another and spoke to complete strangers like neighbors. Upon leaving the memorial, I had a sense that all will be good, and while our community will never forget the good people lost,the process of our community healing has begun.

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