Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Splish Splash, Baby Iris Taking a bath and then some!"

Baby Iris continues to amaze. Sometimes, I am absolutely convinced she is a "tech baby" . Two times this past weekend, I found my dear "Baby Iris", punching in numbers on my cell phone. If that wasn't enough, she also obtained my car keys, and what alot of noise she created with my car alarm!

As you can see, Baby Iris really has initiative, and with that a real mind of her own, or is that the "terrible twos" approaching.

It has been no secret that she likes the water, whether outside or in the bathtub. Another area she feels really strong about, is trying to go potty by herself.

In one of my photos, you'll see a potty chair intact, and then another photo showing the three parts. Well, Baby Iris does not like to sit, so she separates the sitting portion and the cup. What remains is only the basin, which Baby Iris is perfectly at home standing in and doing her potty business. I wonder how long this will last? Our dear "Baby Iris" continues to surprise and amaze, and to think she'll soon have a baby sister with whom she can share her discoveries.

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