Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Springtime flowering of Cactus!

Right now, there are a number of cactus in my front and back yard that are flowering. There blooms are magnificent. Please enjoy my pictures and the special video and song that I found on U-Tube.

Cactus, the common name for a family of desert plants. The plural is cacti or cactuses. Most species bear sharp, needle like spines, which protect the plants from foraging desert animals. Cacti are famed for their ability to resist drought, which they owe to the fact that moisture from inside the plant evaporates very slowly through the plant's skin.

Cacti grow in hundreds of different shapes. The fibrous, juicy stems may be globular, cylindrical, branched, trailing and vine like, ribbed, grooved, or knob-bearing. Only two species have true leaves, but many have flowers, which then turn into fruit during the summer, which can then be harvested for the making of jams, jelly's and syrup. Anybody for a prickly pear Margarita?

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