Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Jack the Lawnmower Man!"

I bet you have never thought about the invention of the lawn mower. Well, for my grand nephew Jack, who is turning the ripe old age of two this week, the lawnmower is "his" thing. Currently, he has two lawnmowers, one for the outside and one for the inside. The inside mower is pictured in this blog and is the one that his grand uncle gave him for the Holidays, and as you can tell, "it is strictly a guy thing." Later this week, Jack will be celebrating his birthday, so my brother Greg and I did the "guy thing" again and went out and bought a bobcat, like the one in the picture, but smaller, and a truck. When I returned, I was happy to see that my niece was providing balance, because Jack also has a stove where he does his cooking, once he finishes his lawn chores, both outside and inside, even though there are no shag carpets.

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