Thursday, May 13, 2010

Adventures in Auto Maintenance as told by Jim!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Adventures in auto maintenance as told by Jim on his blog...

"It was rainy day, but it was interesting and an adventure whenever Rich is in town. We planned a lunch at a local eatery, but ran into some problems with his 1994 Honda. It was a car that he drove from Tucson in the last few days to deposit here as transportation when he's in town. He had no problems until shortly after I rode with him to the local Ace Hardware store to get bolts to hold on his new Minnesota license plates. While we were in the store, his battery failed. We called AAA and the adventure began. After a trip to Sears and an encounter with Jim the Battery Man, who recommended a new alternator, Rich bought a battery charger and we came to my house to plug it in. The alternator would have cost nearly the same as the car's current resale value."

"We missed tennis. It was too cold, anyhow, in my opinion - barely 50 degrees. We did get a late lunch at the Pie Shoppe and a safe ride here in my trusty Matrix. It was a good time and as is usually the case, a day with Rich is not without interesting incidents. The whole story is his to tell."

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  1. A story well told. There is, however, more to the story, e.g. Jim the Battery man was something of a philosopher and when we left him he favored us with some of his best stuff. To paraphrase. you can't live life all over, there is no going back. Jim is about our age, nearing retirement, I'd guess.