Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Endless Season" continues!

Today was spent playing some great tennis with my good friend and old tennis partner, Jim Miller. Over 48 years have passed since we first looked over the net at one another. During that time we have had many competitive matches which have been accompanied with some great memories and some good stories. Several years ago we commemorated our tennis by creating a traveling trophy called the "Endless Season". This trophy is given out whenever one of us is victorious. Well today, Jim whomped me in two sets. Afterwards, we shook hands and then I proceeded to break both of his racquets. Just kidding....our endless season continues!

Following tennis, I went for a run around the Lake of the Isles which is near my sister's home on Lake Harriet. The Lake of the Isles route is 13.1 miles, but my run was only four. The total trail system around Minneapolis extends over 50 miles and winds along many lakes and many elegant homes.

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