Friday, January 20, 2012

"Toys for Baby Bella!"

This coming week, I'll be traveling to Denver with my daughter and her children to visit my son on his birthday, and his newly arrived baby daughter, Baby Bella. Bringing a few toys of course was something that her grandfather could not resist. Baby Bella is now 9 months, so that was my focus of attention in buying suitable toys that would encourage Baby Bella's physical development. Two of my favorites were the 'Crawl-Along Musical Ball and the 'Bounce and Giggle Pig'. With the 'Crawl-Along Musical Ball, it is all about the baby batting at the ball or rolling it across the floor as a monkey balances on top. With the 'Bounce and Giggle Pig', the baby presses its snout to start silly sounds and vibrating action and fun surprises.

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