Friday, January 27, 2012

"Red Rocks of Morrison"

Looking out from my son's deck reveals many of the beautiful and prominent red rocks just west of Denver. The Red Rocks of this area represent a unique transition between the Great Plains and the Rocky mountains.

Besides a beautiful Red Rock Amphitheater in the area, the Red Rocks provide many ways for both locals and tourists to enjoy amazing Colorado. There you will find miles of hiking paths, biking trails as well as many picturesque picnic areas.

With the snows halting this afternoon, we all took the opportunity to go hiking including Baby Bella. Here are some of the photos we took as we went out from Chad's back deck, along the 14th fairway, and up into the foothills.

This evening, we'll be experiencing liquid nitrogen ice cream at the Crushery, rock climbing on Saturday, and tubing on Sunday.

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