Friday, February 12, 2010

What is QuickStart Tennis?

Did you know that tennis is the fastest growing sport in America? If you were surprised, so was I. The reason for this growth is because of a new program called QuickStart, which is sponsored and supported by the United States Tennis Association throughout the United States. QuickStart is the new way that kids ages 5-10 learn the game of tennis. The new format changes the court size from 78 to 36 feet, reduces the net height down to 2 feet-nine inches, shortens racquets by 5-6 inches and substitutes foam balls for tennis balls. All these changes help kids to easily achieve success while learning and loving the game of tennis, even if they have never picked up a racquet before. In the photos, you'll see some of the activities and skill games that the children are involved in as they move through the QuickStart Program. There is also a video supplied by WLOX News in Mississippi that provides more background information on QuickStart. The ultimate goal of the program is to having kids when they come home from tennis to be saying, "I WANT TO PLAY TOMORROW!"

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