Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rainwater Harvesting in Arizona!

One of the interesting things that I noticed on a recent visit to the Tanque Guest Ranch was a basic system of "rainwater harvesting" for a herb garden, which is used to produce herbs for the local restaurant on site. Looking closely, you will see 1/4" tubing running from the barrel to the plants. In addition to the garden, I also took some pictures of a few old relics from our frontier days.

Rainwater from what I know is exceedingly clean and of course the saving of water is just good public policy. With time, we will all need to do more to conserve our water, especially in a state like Arizona, where we have so much outside irrigation. There is every reason to make a community effort to utilize the water from interior use for outside irrigation. This would include water from our showers, bathroom sinks and even our washing machines.

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