Saturday, February 13, 2010

Super Set Tennis for the 21st Century!

Later today, I will be having my go at a tennis tournament called "Super Set for the 21st Century at the Randolph Tennis Center here in Tucson. This is my first tournament in awhile, so I am a little anxious, but like they say, “I’m staying in the game.” The way "Super Set" works is that one plays three single matches, one set per match, and if you win, you advance, with non-elimination for all. In other words, all participants play at least three times, which makes it alot of fun.

Actually, the Randolph Tennis Center is the largest tennis facility in the Southwest consisting of 25 lighted courts, having its start way back in 1961 with ten courts. Prior to that time, the property was a driving range and was peppered with little white dimpled balls.

Just last year, the center was renamed in honor of Jim Reffkin, who was the first tennis professional hired by the City of Tucson and who later became the Director of the center, a position he still holds today. Over the years Jim has been instrumental in bringing National Tournaments to Tucson and in promoting positive changes in our game such as the "Adult Super Set." To say the least, the center has enjoyed a colorful history and will proudly continue to be the heartbeat of tennis here in Tucson and the Southwest for many years to come.

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