Monday, December 21, 2009

On the Road to the North Pole!

This coming weekend our family will be gathering at the GasLight theatre here in Tucson for a special performance called 'On the Road to the North Pole". The question we need to answer from the prologue is "Can it be True? Did the mean and treachorous Wilhelm really steel Santa Claus' list? Does this mean that children everywhere will wake up to find no presents under their Christmas Tree? Here in Tucson we are really worried, especially my grandchildren!!!! What do you think? Hopefully, everything will work out, and some way Santa's list will be retrieved.

The Gaslight Theatre is indeed a fun place for families to go in the Tucson community. The Gaslight has been serving the east side of Tucson for a couple of decades and is desert home comedy with a western motif at its very best.

The Gaslight usually has a cast of six to eight and plays are changed about four times a year with special theme programs at Christmas, Halloween and the Fourth of July. The plays are without a doubt slapstick and in many ways not very sophisicated, yet always in good taste and enjoyed by both children and adults. The actors often add lib and funny things usually happen with actors cracking up and the audience ending up in stitches, but always good. Like my family, others usually plan dinner before the show by having pizza and fountain sodas and ice cream sundries at Little Anthony's.

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