Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hamline University, "Looking Back and Thinking Forward"

Tomorrow I'll be back in Minnesota, and within an hour of my flight landing, I'll be out on the courts playing tennis with my old buddies, geezers like myself! How wonderful it is that a sport like tennis can bring so many people together. No matter our ailments, our aches and pains, our creaky joints, we still trek out regularly to "stay in the game" and smile with glee, when we hit one of those "shots", we used to hit so regularly in the past.

For me, tennis began as a youngster, but was really spurned on by my enrollment at Hamline University and by my coach, "Doc, Benjamin Lewis, who we all called "The Wizard", which he was, really!!, because he masterfully orchestrated our team to a number of Conference Collegiate Championships and through his efforts, all of us benefited.

Hamline University is a coeducational, private university located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Founded in 1854, and named in honor of Bishop Leonidas Hamline. (That's the Bishop in the Photo) Hamline is the oldest established university in the state of Minnesota and remains affiliated with the United Methodist Church. The first class graduated in 1859 and had fewer than 100 students and tuition was only $6.00 per term.

Today, the Hamline has continued to grow and has 4900 students in Enrollment, a well known School of Law, a School of Business, a Graduate program of Liberal studies and several Bilateral programs in Germany, Chile, Senegal and Japan.

And you might ask, what is today's tuition! Would you believe $28,862, but with that those investments, excellence has been achieved in so many ways and Hamline has become a prestigious regional University in the Midwest.

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  1. Just to clarify, Hamline is ranked 9th as a regional University in the Midwest region. Nationally ranked colleges in Mn include Carleton #8, Macalester, St.Olaf and Gustavus. Sorry to burst your bubble.