Monday, August 2, 2010

"The Green Valley Pecan Company"

Just south of Tucson in the community of Sahuarita, we have the world's largest pecan orchard with 6,000 acres and 101,000 trees. The trees tap into the Santa Cruz River Basin and thrive on the warm days with bright sunshine and cool nights we have here in Southern Oregon The average yield per acre is approximately 2000 lbs. of in-shell pecans.

Pecans are also known as the healthy nut and are reported to be cholesterol-lowering, having many vitamins, a great protein alternative, providing needed fiber, and lastly containing a number of essential body minerals.

To find out more about the Green Valley Pecan Company and also to order pecans, just go to If you are in the area, I would also recommend that you stop by for a free tasting at the Pecan Store, and if possible don't miss attending the up-coming Sahuarita Pecan Festival which will be held on November 20th and 21st. Just go to for more information.

Some of my photos were taken within the store and do show the large variety of pecans that one can sample and possibly buy. The picture of the young lady is the store salesperson who waited on me. Her name is Matty and she is holding up Don Julio, the mascot at Green Valley Pecan Company!

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