Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tumacacori and the missions established by Father Kino!

During the late 17th century for a period of 24 years, Jesuit Father Francisco Kino crisscrossed what is today Southern Arizona establishing missions, blazing supply routes and mapping the area for New Spain. Tumacacori was one of those missions, and was established in 1691. In the pictures, one will see a photo of the Tumacacori mission, which is today a National Historical Park.

The Native Americans this mission served were the Pima-or the O'odham as they called themselves. As a people they were agricultural, and raised corn, beans and squash in irrigated fields, supplementing their diet by hunting. They lived in sturdy, earthen structures made of bent saplings covered with brush and earth. A representation of their living structure is shown in one of the photos, along with Father Kino, the mission, and the altar of the church.

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