Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dry River Beds of Tucson!

Tucson was the capital of the Arizona Territory at one time and was located on the Santa Cruz River. This river was once free flowing, but now is a dry river bed. One of the remarkable things about Tucson when one travels around is that one passes over so many bridges that span dry rive beds. These dry river beds are called "washes" by the locals and remain dry most of the year until the monsoon season starts in middle to late summer. Then the beds fill with water and can become quite dangerous to both hikers and motorists.

There are also some interesting weather facts that I learned about Tucson.

* On January 7th, 1913, Tucson had its lowest recorded temperature of 6 degrees

* On December 8th, 1971, Tucson had 6.8 inches of snow on the valley floor

* On June 26th, 1990, Tucson had its highest recorded temperature of 117 degrees

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  1. We've got some extra water in the Mississippi that we could spare. You'd have to come and pick it up, however. TT