Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Apple and Pumpkin Picking in Arizona"

When your a Midwest Minnesota transplant like me, you can't cross off the first week in October without craving the first bite of a snappy fresh apple, all crunch and tang. And any apple is better when you've picked it yourself right off the tree.

What many people don't realize is that one can pick apples in Arizona, just like one can in the Midwest. The Apple growing region of Arizona is in the Southeastern area of the state near the town of Wilcox. With an elevation of nearly 5000 feet, this area has been producing quality apples, pears, and peaches for some time.

As a youngster, I still remember all the many apple items we had like apple butter, apple sauce, apple cider, apple crisp and apple butter. With a cellar in our basement, hardly a weekend went by when my entire family didn't gather around a favorite TV show and enjoy buttered popcorn and crunchy apples as a special treat.

October was also a time of pumpkin picking and decorating as well as some wonderful trail rides under a Harvest Moon! When you reminisce, what special memories do you have?

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