Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Some more Caribou Coffee Musings"

While on my recent trip to Minnesota, I stopped into a Caribou Coffee Cafe, which is similar to a Starbuck's, to have my morning coffee. What I noticed on each cup was a number of interesting quotes, some of which I share here.

"Don't wait till New Year's to make a resolution!"

"Spend time with your kids, tomorrow they're a day older!"

"Spin the globe and then pack your bags!"

"Grow older without ever growing up!"

"Be the first to apologize!"

"Continue more conversations offline!"

"Be the first to apologize!"

"Only look back if it makes you smile!"

"Do it for love, not for profit!"

"Thank a teacher!"

"Laugh so hard that you cry!"

"Be a hero, but without the dorky cape!"

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