Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Roasting Green Chilies, A Southwest Tradition!"

This past weekend, a Chili Fest was held at a local Farmers Market not far from my home. While there was the normal vegetable produce stalls one would expect on a Saturday morning, this day was special in that Chilies were being roasted, a three piece band was playing, pony rides were provided for the kids and many artisans were showing their wares. Everything was very festive, and also very well attended.

The Green Chili that is used in the roasting is a cross between a bell pepper and a jalapeno and is about 6" in length, with a flavor that can range from mild to hot.

The roasting of the Chili is done within a large metal cage that goes around and around over medium high flame until the peppers begin to blister. Once this happens, the skin is peeled back exposing the delicious green flesh of the chili pod. About 50 pounds of chilies are done at a time.

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