Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Melacoryphus lateralis, a true bug, and a real nuisance"

If you live in the Southern portion of Arizona south, you will know about the experiences with this little bug critter for the past week or so. We are having an infestation of these little bugs, commonly called a seed bug. According to my ranger friends, they have not seen anything like it during the last 30 years. Three nights ago, I had hundreds that had gotten into the house and my screens were totally covered, as these little critters are drawn to the light. Hopefully, once the monsoons come along, these little fellas will move right along. When I think the worst, it is certainly better than having those Minnesota birds, commonly called the mosquito. That goes for gnats and flies as well!

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  1. Great photo of one! may i use that great picture? mine is not as clear.