Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Grand Opening of Neighborhood Wells Fargo Bank"

Between 11am and 2pm today, our new local Wells Fargo Bank had a fantastic grand opening event with great hoopla and celebration. I was joined by my daughter, neighborhood friends, and grandchildren, Piano Man and Desert Princess. We enjoyed many things, including ice cream sundaes, cold smoothies and prizes that one could earn by spinning a wheel located in the bank lobby. These prizes included many things, like bookmarks, piggy banks, water bottles, coffee containers, yo yo's, pens and much more. A complimentary BBQ, stagecoach rides, face painting, in our case leg painting, and even a combo playing music were also made available for guests. At one point, even I got involved and rode the stagecoach for about 5 minutes and what a bumpy ride it was through the shopping center parking lot. Thinking about that experience afterwards, I couldn't imagine riding for days on a stagecoach across our Great Plains! Guess I'll keep my Toyota!

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