Monday, June 21, 2010

"Bush and Bulky finally completed today?"

With our daytime temperatures now in the 100's, I was relieved to bring my pruning, digging, and my gathering of other desert debris to an end. It is probably a good thing that our Waste Management Company only makes "Brush and Bulky" a semi annual event. All I know is that my body,after a weekend of work, is exhausted and is now decorated with numerous scratches, needle pricks and assorted itches from handling desert flora. As you can see, my helpers also had a hard day, however they were great workers, and I felt especially bad when they were carded by our local authorities as possible illegals. While I haven't heard back, they really seemed to be nice people. Their work ethic really stood out! I'm not sure we all work that hard? Well that's another side of Arizona!!!!

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