Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Super Bowl Success is just ahead for the Minnesota Vikings!

Tomorrow, I'm making my way to Minnesota to see my Vikings play. In thinking about my flight, I couldn't help but thinking about the beautiful Blue Morpho Butterfly of Costa Rica. If you are planning a trip, and perhaps I should, don't miss an ecology trip to the rain forest of this region, because that is where this beautiful creature can be observed. The Blue Morpho is one of the largest butterflies in the world and measures five to eight inches in wingspan and has a iridescent sparkle to behold in flight, which flashes like beautiful blue gems against the shadows of the canopy.

Now, a word about my Minnesota Vikings. While everyone knows about Brett Favre's recent adoption, not so well known, at least outside of Minnesota, is Ragnar, the Minnesota Vikings Mascot, for he is the only "human" mascot in professional sports.

Ragnar's real name is Joseph Juranitch and he has been the Minnesota Mascot since 1994. During that time, Ragnar been entertaining the crowds, young and old. He has never missed a Vikings game and is always the first to arrive on the field, riding a loud motorcycle, causing the fans to rise to a feverish pitch! When not at games, he is very involved in the community, especially kids with special needs, and goes out of his way to uplift them at any chance he gets. Another interesting fact about Ragnar is that he set the world record in 1982 for shaving a beard with an axe in the record time(8 minutes and 43 seconds)and it still stands today. Maybe, I'll break it someday! Just kidding!!!

Go Vikings!!!!!

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