Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Dad's Courts!

While I didn't play tennis today, I did have the opportunity to visit the courts that were dedicated by the city in my Dad's memory for his many years of service. For over 50 years, "Charlie" volunteered his time and was always available to others, especially the children. For what seemed like decades, Dad served on the Cities Recreation Board. With his foresight, many wonderful recreational activities were developed and and finally realized, and now to this day enjoyed by both young and old.

His courts lie in a beautiful section of the community in a local park called Marthaler. My Dad's courts are surrounded by three benches bearing his name and are set against a tranquil pond and hills in the background. While my Dad would never have sought this recognition, he would have been touched I'm sure and very appreciative....and would say, "Well done!" and "Stay in the Game and Enjoy". Thanks Dad.

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