Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Hamline Alumni Weekend"

This week happens to be alumni week at my alma matter, Hamline Univiersity which is located in St. Paul Minnesota. While there are many activities and get-togethers planned, what is really special is that our beloved tennis coach, Dr. Benjamin Lewis is going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame this Friday, October the 5th.

Coming from long distances, many of  my old team members  will  attend this event. Together we will all be one in recognizing 'Doc' who touched so many of us in a profound and wonderful way.

Dr. Benjamin Lewis ('Doc')

What many do not realize is that Hamline University was the first institution of higher learning established in the Minnesota Territory way back in 1854, even earlier than the University of Minnesota. Its first home was to the south of the Twin Cities in the river community of Red Wing, but was later moved to St. Paul where the campus is today. The school was named after Bishop Leonidas Hamline, a Methodist minister, who donated the funds as a benefactor for Hamline's beginnings.
In 2004, Hamline celebrated its 150th birthday. Today the guiding principles for the University, the faculty and the student body remain the same. Those principles are:
Do all the good you can do.
By all the means you can.
Picture of First Graduating Class
In all the ways you can.
In all the places you can.
At all the places you can.
To all the people you can.
As long as ever you can
Old Main

Photo of Bishop Hamline


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