Thursday, September 20, 2012

Endeaour flies over Tucson!

Today was the final flight of space shuttle Endeavour on its way from Texas to a retirement home at the California Institute of Science in Los Angeles where it will placed on permanent display. 
What was really exciting was that this flight flew right over my home at 11:15 AM this morning. There for my eyes to behold was the Endeavour atop a modified 747 transport plane right, so close, and and not so far from my rooftop. What a sight and what an experience! 
Thursday's flyover of Tucson, gave NASA a chance to honor former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords legacy as a longtime advocate for American human spaceflight. Her husband, Mark Kelly, now retired, was the last person to command an Endeavour mission. 

The Photo above is Gabby leading the Pledge of Allegiance at the recent 2012 Democratic Convention.
The couple recently moved back to Tucson from Houston, where Giffords was recovering from serious injuries she suffered in a 2011 attack in which a gunman killed six people and wounded Giffords and 12 others.

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