Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Broken Racquet"

Ever since I was a young boy, playing tennis was always a favorite activity and with time became a very important part of my growing up years. As I move through high school and college, I participated in many tournaments, and won my share of championships. Tennis equipment, especially racquets evolved as the game of tennis changed, moving from traditional wood racquets, then metal to the composits we have today. During this time, I certainly broke my share of strings, even cracked some racquet heads, thus calling for racquet replacement. Never though, did I ever break a racquet as I did this evening as I was swinging for a volley. One minute I was making my move, and then the unexpected happen in mid stroke, my racquet handle separated from the head of my racquet. What remains is seen in my photo! In all my years, neither I nor my tennis buddies could recall seeing a racquet broken in quite this manner.

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