Sunday, May 29, 2011

"New Tennis Courts at La Mariposa"

Ever since re-locating from Minnesota, I have been a member of the La Mariposa tennis club which is located on the east side of Tucson. Over time many of the courts at our club had deteriorated and were clearly in need of repair, at least resurfacing if not total removal and re-construction of replacement courts.

When I arrived for mens evening doubles on Tuesday evening this week, all of us was were pleasantly surprised to find a bulldozer occupying court one. To a person, the message was very clear, our tennis club owners had secured financing and were now moving ahead with the rebuilding of our nine courts and improving our tennis facility.

In the posted photos, one can see the beginning of this process as well as other pictures of the picturesque grounds at La Mariposa, where many functions are held, especially weddings and the exchanging of vows.

What a great development this has been! As an avid tennis player, I am so pleased that our club had the fortitude to secure the resources to move forward with this project. While it was the right decision, however knowing the economy, it was not easy. My hat is off to the owners and congratulations are much in order. It is so good to know that tennis will play a role in the future of La Mariposa.

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